There’s a genuine feel-good quality to Robert Minott’s track “Can’t Hold Back”. It’s got all the vibes of a “song-of-the-summer” hit in the making with its sleek and clean production, inviting vocal work by Minott, the super attractive Jaimacan sound that’s refreshingly original and not appropriated by other artists of our time, and just how almost back-to-basics innocent the whole track is.


This is Minott’s second major release of 2021, the former being the single “Let’s Chill” which has an energy that the title implies. Prior to listening to this track, I’d forgotten how little Jamaican, I mean ACTUALLY Jamaican music I’d listened to, let alone how many artists that I could name that weren’t Bob and Ziggy Marley (Funny enough, Minott has performed alongside Ziggy in various tours), and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the type of music that’s been easily written off, or if it sometimes it can feel like such a niche sound, but Minott truly knows how to make it painfully accessible and compelling.

“Can’t Hold Back” is about truly feeling in love with someone, wanting them more than anyone. These are sentiments that are nearly outright stated across the 4 minutes run time, and while most of the lyrical content tends to be very repetitive, even with the inclusion of a female vocal to help balance out the affair with a wonderful two-way perspective, it’s really less about the words and so much more about the sound.

It just transports you from the moment the song begins and whether you’re still thinking about the one who got away, or feeling the sense of luck and pride in knowing you’ve found your true love, this song is an anthem to the lovesick out there.

The song is also bursting with energy that’ll make anyone want to get up and dance, and maybe that’s a part of the dual meaning with the title “Can’t Hold Back”. “You and I will be together as one, please understand you’re my only one” at this point in time now just has this old fashioned sensibility when so much of love and relationships seem so disposable, but Minott and his rich vocals that have this passion and almost this boyish playfulness make such an impression and truly sell the song.

Production-wise as I said this track is super clean with some fantastic mixing allowing Minott’s vocals to stand out without being drowned out or worse, overpower the slick instrumentals. I’m not wholly certain if the instrumental has any actual instruments being played, and if there are, I’ll certainly be surprised.


The affair is relatively electronic sounding, but not in a way that feels crass or hollow. It’s all perfectly dialed in and it’s a true accomplishment that Minott should be very proud of. This is the song you want blasting poolside with friends (remember when we could do that?) with a drink in hand and your love in the other arm. Minott couldn’t hold back, and we’re lucky he didn’t.

Mindy McCall

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