My musical journey hasn’t always been an easy ride but definitely an exciting one. When you love what you do and determined to get to reach your summit, I’ve come to understand that it’s just about believing in yourself. I wouldn’t change anything about my experiences because it has given me strength, self-worth, and made me feel braver in all facets of my life.

Despite the most difficult times throughout my journey, I always held on to the one thing I love that keeps me going: music. Music has been the only medicine for all of my woes. Whenever I’m hungry, sad, or heartbroken, I’ve always turned to the only thing that keeps me sane .. music. It has also been my cathartic expression to celebrate the best times in my life.

Not much in life is given to everyone and, like some others, I worked very hard for mine. I’ve worked in the music business from performing to concert promotion and have worked with the likes of Lil John & The Eastside Boyz, Chaka Khan, Freddy Jackson, Kelly Price, Maxi Priest, Trey Songz, the Marleys (just to name a few). One of the important lessons that I have learned during my journey is that there are a lot of ‘naysayers’ and it can be a ruthless business.

However, I have always believed in myself, grateful to be doing something that I love, and this is what kept me going through the hardest times. I’m also grateful that I have always maintained my independence as a singer-songwriter. Time was never a factor where my music was concerned, either, and my drive to reach my best was never inspired by financial gains but by the pure joy and love I have for music. It has always been about this for me and playing with some great artists and success has simply been a bonus.

I’m currently signed with German based Label “Wolf Entertainment” and excited about my new heights of production and performance, as well as receiving a glowing reception from my fans. My current Single, “Can’t Hold Back“, featuring Mr. Lexx; is already released and was produced by Kirk Bennett.

I have always been fortunate to work with big-name producers, specifically Sly& Robbie from “The Taxi Gang”. They have also produced “Grace Jones”, “Simply Redd”, “No Doubt”, “Maxi Priest”, “Cindy Lauper” and “Shabba Ranks” (again, just to name a few). I also have an album titled “Rasta Funk”, which will be ready for release via “Wolf Entertainment” this summer. This is another masterpiece produced by Sly&Robbie, Kirk Bennett, and John Zych from Earthtone music production, who is a great musician whom I admire.

Sincere respect and gratitude to all ..