“Can’t Hold Back” by Robert Minott is the latest release from the multitalented Jamaican singer/songwriter and songwriter. Following in the footsteps of his uncle, the legendary Sugar Minott, it would be an understatement to say that this level of talent runs deep in the family. “Can’t Hold Back” is a sweet little track from Minott and his wonderful female backing vocals that sees the singer ruminate on the love that feels overpowering in his spirit and how badly he wants his love to know.

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The beat on the track is infectious and from the moment the song begins with its bombastic Jamaican sonic flavor and spoken words that set the tone, you immediately get a grip on the kind of song that Minott has constructed. This is his second major release this year after his other single “Let’s Chill”, and the man has a talent for creating atmospheres that match the rhythms of his songs. If you’re a newcomer to Jamaican music, this is an excellent place to start with its blend of infectious pop energy and the more traditional sounds we’ve become accustomed to thanks to surviving acts like Shaggy, Burning Spear, and of course Ziggy Marley.

There might be some who might be turned away by the songs seeming lack of “insight”, due to its simplistic structure and/or the sound of some culturally important music that doesn’t seem to get enough recognition, but I think those who are wanting for something fresh and familiar but created in a new way will have plenty to love about this. One of the truly great aspects of the song is just how effortless it is. Many times you can just hear Minott in the recording booth smiling at the infectious and bouncy nature of the song, but also how this is the result of a craftsman style musician who’s been in the game for well over three decades now since the release of his debut album “Love Struck in 1991”. Unfortunately, that album and a lot of his subsequent work aren’t available on streaming platforms like Spotify, and despite that Minott has had plenty of wonderful career steps even working with the aforementioned talent I listed in the genre, so clearly he’s got a great spot in the table of Jamaican music.

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His music feels certainly personal as it comes from his magnetic spirit, and a lot of Jamaican music has a tendency to look at the big picture, both personally and in how broad its themes can be, and I’d say this song isn’t all that different than those sentiments. I do with the song cut a little deeper into Minott’s own personal love thoughts beyond the joy it brings him in an almost childlike manner, but then again that might have taken away from how effective this song is acting as a straightforward love, pop-jam. Minott and his producers have made a song that countless people will love and is already among the top musical experiences I’ve had this year. Utterly refreshing work.

Troy Johnstone

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